Zika virus- Mode of transmission, treatment and prevention

Zika is a disease spread by virus named Zika.  Mild zika cases often have no symptoms while in some of the cases symptoms resemble dengue fever. Zika fever is caused by Aedes type mosquitoes from the tropical region. The virus can be easily transmitted through sexual contacts and blood transfusions. The disease also spreads from mother to child in her womb. The symptoms of the disease is seen for seven days and there after becomes severe if not treated. Deaths have not been reported upto date due to this disease.

Laboratory pictures of Zika virus

Symptoms of Zika disease

The symptoms of Zika disease includes fever, rash, itching,  Joint pain, red eyes, muscle pain and severe head ache. Zika virus remains in the blood of an infected person for longer periods. The illness usually lasts from few days to a week. The symptoms are quite similar to the symptoms of dengue and chickunguniya which are also transmitted through the same kind of mosquitoes. Blood test analysis helps in diagnoising the disease.

Treatment of Zika disease

A vaccination has not been invented to prevent from Zika virus. Treatment  will be mainly targeted for feven, pain and itching. It is warned to use aspirin and other NSAID’s as it could lead to worst side effects. Prevention is always said to be the best cure. The use of Mosquitoe nets, repellants and full sleeved clothes minimize the exposure of an individual to the mosquitoes. The pregnant women can face more complication when infected so its advisable to follow the necessary prevention methods.

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