Why should every carpenter buy a thickness planer?

Many people who want to buy the best wood planer often skip the thickness planer because it is not the best option for them. They think that it can only be useful for you to want to thicken a piece of wood as its name suggests.

Those thoughts are completely wrong. A thickness planer has many other benefits besides thickening the wood. So what are the advantages that you don’t know? I don’t take your time anymore. Let’s explore.

Used for reclaimed wood


You don’t have the money to buy a new cut piece of wood. Therefore, you must use old wooden boards from your home furniture that have not been processed. Although the surface of these old boards is not as good as the new ones, if you have removed any dirt or screws and any obstructions on the surface and then use a thick planing machine which is perfect for making these unprocessed wood leading to your project results will be high as using other wood planers.

Note: Old boards that are not used for a long time may get moldy. You should equip with the best moisture meter to check if the board can be applied or not.

Remove any sticky material from the wood

Your family’s furniture after a long time will get old and stick to a lot of dirty things that are difficult to clean. Do you find the cleaning job takes a lot of time? You feel extremely tired when you have to sand the entire surface of the wood, right? Don’t worry, use a wood planer right away. It is an extremely useful device for cleaning the surface of the wood and saves you time and effort on sanding.

Recycle scrap wood

The recycling is quite interesting for you who like to create broken wood pieces and discarded wood into new, unique furniture. I also really like this job. You can get scraps of wood from wood shops. The boards they removed were extremely good and quality, such as walnut, maple, oak, etc. Because they are no longer in use, you will be given free. I don’t know how the other planers work, but my thickness planer can scrape off the fault on the surface of the board and turn it into a new piece of wood. Therefore, you can use those boards to make the furniture you desire.

Sizing baseboards or molding.

If you need to scrape off 1/8 of the baseboard, you just need to leave it through the planer. The thickness planer will help you perform quickly in 2 minutes.

Cost savings


Many carpenters do not want to spend a lot of time. So they often bring wooden boards to process factories and shops to cut to the size they need. The amount they have to pay quite a lot. I see it is not necessary. They can use thickness planer to do the cutting of the wooden frame.

I will advise you about my experience. I used to have a thing like you because I was lazy and I went to buy a board of the size I wanted for 200 USD. But after using the thickness planer, I was thinking about trying to use it to plan my log to the size I want. Surprisingly, using a thickness planer is so easy and it doesn’t take as much effort as I thought before. I quickly cut the log to the size I wanted. And I only spent 70 USD to purchase wood.

In conclusion

I have finished presenting some other outstanding advantages of thickness planing devices besides thickening the boards. Do you find those advantages surprising? If yes, get the best thickness planer for your family or home workshop now. I am sure you will never regret this decision. Finally, hope the article meets the information you need to know. And thank you for taking the time to read the entire article.

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