Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightning is a natural phenomenon occurred.  Always the lightning is followed by a thunder. The phenomenon is associated with thick clouds and storms. Lightning and thunder is the sudden electrical discharges resulting from atmospheric conditions. The thunder and lightning do not last for more than one hour. Lightning discharges sudden flashes of powerful lights and thunder causes trembling sounds. The phenomenon often causes damage of lives or property when it touches the Earth.

Lightning and thunder can also happen at the time of Volcanic eruptions

Thunder and lightning are resulted when denser cold air overlies warm moist air. The phenomenon is common while rain storms happen and rarely happens at the time of volcanic eruptions also. It is estimated that each year 16 million thunder and lightning. They are most frequent in the tropical rain forests.

Lightning is associated with thunder which is heard after a few seconds

The thunder is heard after a few seconds of lightning and this is because light travels faster than sound. The lightning is powerful and has an average temperature around 20,000 degree Celsius. The speed of lightning is around 669600000 miles per hour and the speed of thunder is around 767 miles per hour. A cloud has a negative charge and ground has a postive charge. When the difference in charges tend to increase results in a discharge of powerful lightning. A lightning strike is five times hotter than the Sun.

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