Swine Flu

Swine Flu some times know as H1N1 Flu in some parts of the world is caused by H1N1 virus. The disease was recognized in the year 1919 with an outbreak of the virus. Initially it was beleaved that the virus was spread to the people who had more contacts with the Pigs but in due course of time a new virus evolved which spread the disease among people who were not associated with the pigs.


Swine Flu can become fatal if left untreated

Swine flu was infected to many people around the world in the year 2009. The virus can cause severe health problems if left untreated. It is adviced to get the flu vaccine periodically yearly once to prevent from swine flu. An infected person sneezes or coughs and expels the virus and the health person can get in contact with the virus getting infected. People can suffer from fever and cold for seven days.

Swine Flu is not spread by pigs

Studies have found out that swine flu is not spread by eating pork products or from person who have contact with pigs, It was a false conclusion in the earlier days that the disease is spread from pigs. The symptoms include fever, body pain, head ache, cough, cold, sore throat. The disease can be fatal if left untreated causing severe health problems like pneumonia and lung infections. Treatment is similar to the treatment of common flu.

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