Role of Education in our life and society

Education enhances the knowledge and wisdom to lead a dignified life in the Society. Education transforms a common man into an intellectual.  Advanced Education  develops skills and talent for an individual to qualify for an efficient job.  An Educated individual is well mannered , wisely spoken, and  respected in a society.

Education Empowers an individual

The basic concept of education lies in what we learn is what we know and what we do.  Education is the foundation of knowledge and wisdom. Making our minds to get potential learning leads in expanding the horizons of knowledge.  Most of the individuals target education to reach a specific goal like profession, buisness and finance. The importance of Education in a society is absoulutely necessary. Education empowers an individual to make through any situations in life. It helps an individual to recognise his talent and  capability.

Education enhances the development of the Country

Education helps us to acquire the desired qualification to attain an efficient job and thus earning a good remuneration to meet the expenses of livelihood. An Educated individual saves a percentage of his earnings for the unexpected circumstances for the future. A higher academic qulification or an  advanced degree helps an individual to attain promotions in his career or a change of a Job.  Education enhances the development of the society and Country.  Education can also be acquired not only in the academics but also having interest in general reading and learning the desired topics.

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