Ocean Tides

Tides are the periodic rise and fall of large bodies of water on Earth. Tides are caused due the gravitational interactions between the Earth and the moon. The gravitational interaction causes the rise and fall of sea levels. Gravity is the major factor which creates tides. The times of high tide and low tide depends on the alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth. The tide timings are predictable earlier.

Gravitational Interactions causes rise and fall of water levels in the Oceans

The gravitational pull of the moon causes the water to  bulge outward towards the moon. Another bulge is caused in the opposite side. Since the Earth is rotating the tides occur twice a day. Tides not only affect the oceans but also the land masses but the fact is that its not visible like sea tides. There are two types of tides occurred, the high tide and the low tide.

The Two types of Tides

A high tide is occurred when the sea level rises over several hours, the water level reaches high reaching high tide. A low tide is occurred when the sea level falls over several hours, the water stops falling reaching low tide. The tides benefit the sea food industry in terms of catch. Various species of sea organisms are visible at the time of low tide and easy to catch. For instances octopuses are visible and are caught easily at the time of low tides.

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