Human Psychology

Human Psychology is the study of the science of mind. Psychology is defined as the study of mind and human behavior, embracing all aspects of conscious and Unconscious experience as well as thought. Human Psychology is a study to understand the individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. A medical practitioner who possess a degree in the related science is called as a psychologist.

Different branches in Psychology

Psychology explores the human mind and provide understanding of human behavior, reactions, actions, emotions and attitudes. There are branches in Psychology like clinical, counselling, neuroscience, school psychology. Clinical psychologist diagnose and treat for psychological disorders like depression and anxiety. Also the doctors help the patients to work through their personal issues like break up of marriage, drug addictions. In this process counselling help patients address life problems like stress , grief and depression.

Psychology may be applied to a variety of Issues

The psychologist uses human behavior as a clue to the working of mind. The applications of Psychology include mental health treatment, performance enhancement, self help, ergonomics. Psychology also can be applied to variety of issues which impact health and daily life including performance enhancement, motivation and self help. The psychologists use the knowledge gained from researches in treatment of psychological disorders.

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