Dengue is a mosquito borne disease caused by one of the four closely related Dengue viruses. The viruses are similar to the virus of Yellow fever which is prevalent in African countries. There is an estimation of 390 million dengue infections world wide each year and 96 million suffer serious illness.  The countries of Asia, Africa, Central and South America are more prone to the dengue infections. An outbreak of Dengue fever was identified in keywest in the year 2009.

Dengue fever is only spread through mosquito bites

Dengue fever is caused with the bite of Aedes mosquito infected with Dengue virus. The mosquito gets the virus when it bites an infected person and when it bites another person the virus is easily transmitted into his blood stream. The virus spread only through mosquito bites. The symptoms include high fever, sever head ache, muscle and joint pains, vomiting, skin rashes and bleeding.

No Specific Medicines for Dengue

The dengue disease is diagnosed by blood test to check for dengue virus. There is no specific medicine discovered to cure dengue. However paracetamol and other pain killers are used to bring the fever and body pains to control. The patients is given fluids to avoid dehydration. As for most of the diseases prevention is better than cure, this implies to dengue also. Using mosquito nets, repellants are the best methods of prevention from mosquito bites.  Avoiding stay in the water stagnated surrounding places as there is a greater risk of mosquito bites in such places.

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