20 June

Human Psychology

Human Psychology is the study of the science of mind. Psychology is defined as the study of mind and human behavior, embracing all aspects of conscious and Unconscious experience as well as thought. Human Psychology is a study to understand the individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. A medical practitioner […]

12 June

Black Holes on Suns Surface

Black holes are formed when the center of a very massive Star collapses in upon itself. These collapses also cause a Supernova and or an exploding Star that blasts parts of the Star into the Space. A Black hole is a region in space where the pulling force of gravity is too strong that even […]

02 March

Healthy oils

Healthy oils are the oils which are naturally free of trans fat, cholestrol and low in saturated fats. These oils can be used in various methods of cooking and is considered healthy for consumption. Selection of oils which are more stable and do not get oxidised while cooking is very important. Saturated fats contain single […]

29 February

Amino acids – The Building blocks.

Amino acids are obtained from proteins available from different foods. The amino acids form the muscle tissue and improves fat metabolism. Mostly all the athletes and body builders intake amino acids for maintaining their body. It is not only for athletes and body builders but each and every individual has to take the required amount […]

24 February

El Nino and its impact on Global Climate

El Nino is a system formed in the pacific ocean showing its impact on global climate changes. El Nino is active when the warm waters in the western tropical pacific ocean shift eastwards along the equator towards the coast of south America. This system brings more tropical storms in the Pacific oceans and less storms […]

19 February

Existence of a Ninth Planet

Scientists have discovered a big planet hiding outside of our solar system. The scientists assume its existence basing on some peculiar flung icy bodies. These objects are said to exist in the kuiper belt which is outer to the orbit of Neptune. Scientist estimate this planet to be ten times bigger than our earth.  Kuiper belt […]

16 February

Zika virus- Mode of transmission, treatment and prevention

Zika is a disease spread by virus named Zika.  Mild zika cases often have no symptoms while in some of the cases symptoms resemble dengue fever. Zika fever is caused by Aedes type mosquitoes from the tropical region. The virus can be easily transmitted through sexual contacts and blood transfusions. The disease also spreads from […]

15 February

Educational trips and their Benefits

Educational tours benefits the career of a student either boy or girl. The trip enables the students to visualise the aspects and gather information. Educational trips enhance the development of student into civilised citizens, possessing knowledge and skills, having greater interest towards history, culture and science. Different schools and colleges organise various educational tours  to study […]