Black Holes on Suns Surface

Black holes are formed when the center of a very massive Star collapses in upon itself. These collapses also cause a Supernova and or an exploding Star that blasts parts of the Star into the Space. A Black hole is a region in space where the pulling force of gravity is too strong that even light cannot escape. The strong gravity occurs as a result of matter being pressed into tiny space. The compression can take place at the end of a Stars lifeĀ and some Black holes are the result of dying Stars.


NASA Spots two Big Black Holes on the Suns Surface

The US Space Agency NASA has discovered two big black holes on the surface of the Sun. These black holes are named coronal holes. These are also the source of high speed wind of the solar particles that streams form the Sun.

Solar winds from Black holes create disturbances in Communications forms on Earth

The Solar winds produced form these black holes not only create Geo magnetic storms on Earth by disturbing the communications in all forms. One black hole is much bigger that it covers 68% of the Solar surface. However the reasons of these CoronalĀ holes formation on the Suns surface is unclear to the scientists at NASA. Coronal holes are visible in certain types of extreme Ultra Violet light which is invisible to human naked eye

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