18 March

Some Important Notes About The Use Of Rotary Tool Safely

Mold grinders are known for their rapid and efficient grinding of stone and wood. However, quite a lot of people encounter difficulties when using rotary tools safely and still bring high efficiency at work. In the article, we will learn shortly, and I will show you the five most essential notes that any mold grinding […]

30 September

Why should every carpenter buy a thickness planer?

Many people who want to buy the best wood planer often skip the thickness planer because it is not the best option for them. They think that it can only be useful for you to want to thicken a piece of wood as its name suggests. Those thoughts are completely wrong. A thickness planer has […]

27 July

Methods of measuring the moisture

Moisture is an important factor in human life, from health, living, learning, and production to the importance of goods, supplies, organisms, machinery … Determining moisture becomes an indispensable job to ensure the best living and preservation environment in which moisture is kept at the most balanced and appropriate level.  Depending on the object to be […]

26 June


Dengue is a mosquito borne disease caused by one of the four closely related Dengue viruses. The viruses are similar to the virus of Yellow fever which is prevalent in African countries. There is an estimation of 390 million dengue infections world wide each year and 96 million suffer serious illness.  The countries of Asia, […]

13 February

Internal cleansing and weight loss

To attain a healthy fit body people tend to accept various body cleansing or body detoxify methods. People are ready to follow strict diets inorder to get rid of their excess fats in their bodies. One such type of diet includes only liquids like water, vegetable juices and fruit juices to perform a master cleanse. Risks […]

11 February

Role of Education in our life and society

Education enhances the knowledge and wisdom to lead a dignified life in the Society. Education transforms a common man into an intellectual.  Advanced Education  develops skills and talent for an individual to qualify for an efficient job.  An Educated individual is well mannered , wisely spoken, and  respected in a society. Education Empowers an individual The basic […]

30 July


The disease Ebola is also known as Ebola Hemorrhagic fever is caused by Ebola virus. The disease is known to be a deadly disease. Ebola virus can survive in humans as well as animals like monkeys, Gorillas and Chimpanzees. Ebola viruses exist in African Countries. The virus was discovered in 1976 in the African Country […]

15 July

Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightning is a natural phenomenon occurred.  Always the lightning is followed by a thunder. The phenomenon is associated with thick clouds and storms. Lightning and thunder is the sudden electrical discharges resulting from atmospheric conditions. The thunder and lightning do not last for more than one hour. Lightning discharges sudden flashes of powerful […]

11 July

Swine Flu

Swine Flu some times know as H1N1 Flu in some parts of the world is caused by H1N1 virus. The disease was recognized in the year 1919 with an outbreak of the virus. Initially it was beleaved that the virus was spread to the people who had more contacts with the Pigs but in due course […]